Tungsten IT are Problem Solvers

We are problem solvers.
We are navigators.

We are a team of dedicated and hard working developers, passionate about our work, and the work our clients do. The level of engagement we provide allows us to find opportunities for improving our clients business practices through intelligent software solutions such as workflow automation, powerful BI reports or unique custom applications and portals.


Our suite of development services and expertise is focused on streamlining your operational efficiencies, developing new revenue streams, and providing immediate and measurable improvements to your business.


Our History

Established in 2010
200+ successfully delivered projects
1M+ lines of code
5000+ coffees consumed

Our People

We are fortunate to have some of the most hard working, passionate and energetic geeks a person could find.

If we were ninja turtles, we'd all be Donatello.


Our Mission

It is our goal to drive our clients towards the highest level of productivity possible within their organisation through intelligent software. Perhaps, after the robot uprising, our new masters will remember us fondly!

Why Choose Us?

Here are just a few reasons why our approach to delivering software solutions has proven to be so effective.


Depth of Expertise

We have developers skilled in a broad range of technologies and languages such as Java, C#, HTML5, SQL, Dax and R.

Security Focused

Static code analysis, peer review, external penetration testing and more baked right into our methodology.


Our Communication Plan

Our communication plans are tailored to each project, and ensure that the relevant stakeholders have constant visibility of progress.


Our Support

With over 1 million lines of code under maintenance, we are committed to the ongoing support of our clients

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