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Find out how we can help improve your business through intelligent software solutions.


Sleek, intuitive and secure web based applications designed to automate and manage your business


Cutting edge app development, server systems and middle ware designed with security in mind from the ground up


Monitoring, maintenance, reporting and analytics for your mission critical data systems

Introducing the Tungsten IT Rapid Application Development Framework

A modular, scalable framework for developing secure web based applications, services and desktop software that results in significantly reduced costs and development times.

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Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Seamlessly design, develop and deploy for App Store, Google Play and Windows Marketplace


Gain insights and identify opportunities ahead of the curve with our holistic BI services.

Identify and respond to events in your organisation faster than ever with a purpose built data analytics solution.

Our implementation approach adds value to your business early and allows us to uncover opportunities for future iterations.

Power BI Reporting

Mission Critical Database Management Services

Professional database development that can be managed by us, or as part of your application development team.

Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks by examining all aspects of the database environment. From hardware utilisation through to query optimisation

Improve your uptime by implementing suitable redundancy and disaster recovery plans, complimented with 24x7 monitoring services.

We're trusted by national and international organisations alike...

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